Google Crisis Response For Japan Earthquake Victims

Help Japan                                                                            Help Japan, originally uploaded by Brad VandenBerg.


Google set up a crisis response website to help the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan. The page is regularly updated to give the latest news about the disaster and ways on how to help like donating to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

You can give your support by going to the website and contribute to the database of missing persons, then you can also use the person finder tool. Basic information like alert and status for the affected areas, electric power companies, government agencies, and transit status. US citizens is also advised in U.S. State Dept. & Embassy Resources. Flight status of major airlines like AmericanANA ,Delta , JAL ,United is also there.

Of course Google technology is being utilized through Google maps and YouTube video sharing which is very helpful for other people in the world to know what is happening in Japan. The use of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, bookmarking sites like Digg to spread the world on how to help.

The use of this technologies may find its good purpose in helping humanity. Let’s do our own small contribution and pray for Japan’s fast recovery.

Nikon Corporation Donates 100 Million Yen To Japan Earthquake Victims

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Japan is known for its rich culture and scenic beauty. No wonder the world’s leading camera company originated from it, allowing people to capture life’s beauty with a touch of their own expression.

Underneath Japan, lie four of the seven tectonic plates in the world meet and part of their being Japanese is dealing with earthquakes from birth to death. This did not stop the people of Japan from growing and enriching their culture and the nature around it.
In spirit, Nikon did not lose faith in the country that inspires the company to become what it has become today. That is why in March 14, 2011, Nikon Corporation expressed its profound sympathy and condolences to the victims of the earthquake in Northern Japan that shocked the world on March 11, 2011.

In response to this tragedy and to extend the immediate support to its victims and affected area, Nikon Corporation has decided to donate cash donation amounting to 100 Million Yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Nikon is also encouraging other people to help in the Japan Crisis in their own little way. May all of us have compassion to the victims of this tragedy.