Join Us on Open Web Day @ Asian Institute of Management

Open Web Day @ Asian Institute of Management

Mozilla Philippines community and Wikimedia Philippines joined forces to give open source workshops on Firefox localization and wiki editing. Join us for a day long of fun contributing to open source projects that we are using everyday. This will happen on Saturday May 19 , 2012 at the Asian Institute of Management, TPIC and BANCOM Room, Asian Institute of Management, 123, Paseo De Roxas, Makati. You can register online and invite your friends, the venue can handle 100 participants so keep em coming. It’s not a computer laboratory so participants should bring their laptop or tablet pc for the workshop.

This is a FREE workshop and If you have any questions about the event don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more willing to help you.

Firefox Needs Your Help For Tagalog Localization

One of the efforts of Mozilla in their attempt to promote themselves in the market is to have a local version of Firefox in Tagalog. This was ideated when Gen Kanai and Seth Bindernagel came over here in the Philippines.  It’s been almost a year now since we had a meetup in Manila with other firefox users. We shared the same dream with Mozilla’s vision – to have a better internet experience. We had our people spreading firefox and other projects within our own local community, but with the limited number of our members, we are still in dire need of your little help with the Tagalog translation.

To start with it, you have to register here and you can already start translating Firefox. It’s not really that difficult to translate as we only need the vernaculars to offer easy understanding to the end users.. You can also help by telling your friends in your social networks about this. In one of our local meeting, it hit me to know that most of the translators are from other countries, and I’m hoping that all of them are pinoys.

So, if you’re a firefox user and you would like to give back to the community for having a wonderful internet browser for free, I encourage you to join or create your own local community in your school or company. Let’s start supporting the localization of Firefox, the Tagalog Firefox is for us, Para sa atin ‘to!