Hip Hop Grills Versus Dental Veneers

Amber's grill is blinged-out at Rock the Bells 2008

For hip hoppers, a grill is a type of jewelry you wear over the incisor teeth. It is made of metal often silver, platinum or gold. Sometimes with precious stones and it is removable. Singers and rappers began wearing grills by the year 2000. Although grills is supposed to brighten the smile, long-term use maybe risky for your mouth. You can buy grills from almost everywhere and the prize ranges from thousands to hundreds, depending on the jewelry’s material. Hip hop fanatics wear grills from as early as thirteen to thirty-five years old. The real thought of inserting gems into the teeth can be traced back to the Mayans. Hip hop artist have worn them from as early as the 80’s. Early grills could not be removed that easily it even involves reshaping of the tooth so that the grills can fit in. Soon, it became popular in the U.S and now there are minorities who wore them all over the map.

Dental veneers however, makes the teeth look more naturally white and has became popular among celebrities, races, gender, and has been approved by all cultures. The idea of having dental veneers was invented by an American dentist Dr. Pincus. It’s used is mainly to cover a damaged tooth surface. Now it is also used to make your teeth whiter for a long time.

Nikon Coolpix S550 Can Detect Smile

Nikon Coolpix S550

Have you seen Nikon Coolpix S550 on the store? It might look just like a regular digital camera  but it makes point and shoot photography a lot easier. This camera has unique features such as smile and blink detection. Smile detection is a key feature that alerts the photographer when anyone is smiling on the frame so that the picture will be taken at the right time. Once the picture is taken, it scans for blinks and an indicator will appear if anybody blinks so that a picture will be shot again.

Speaking of smile, Isn’t it nice when our teeth is pearly white and gleams at the camera. Just like the celebrities that we know. We all know they had dental enhancements done. A porcelain veneers is an example. Before, porcelain veneers are expensive. Middle class people who availed this kind of treatment saved for this procedure but it was worth it. Of course there is maintenance for it but it’s all normal. Wether you have dental veneers or not you still have to brush thrice a day, floss, and have annual dentist appointment.

Dental veneers are nice specially if you maintain it’s luster. Having a smile that can lighten up a crowd is a gift that you can give to others. It is important that we try to smile in a picture. A blank reaction or a frown can give a negative vibe and does not always give a uplift mood to others.When we see commercial print ads we always see the endorser smile. It creates a positive image on the product they endorse and gives them a sprite feeling of enjoyment once you avail their products.

Good thing, that there is a camera that detects smile. It’s hard to capture a smile specially if your taking pictures of babies and toddlers. Capturing that precious moment will be less hassle because the Nikon Coolpix S550 can now detect smile. So go ahead try the Nikon Coolpix S550 in your nearest store and capture the moment.


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