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Send and Receive Money with PayPal using UnionBank EON Card

EON Card

So you need a way to manage your money online? If you’re just starting out your affair on the internet just like me a long time ago, when I felt a need for the online payment system. I felt the urge for learning online payment when I had to buy domains from other companies based outside the Philippines like GoDaddy and as well for my web host provider Bluehost.  So I started surfing the web to look for information about how to send and at the same time, receive money online; and I found out that the best way to do it is through PayPal. Most of the companies and even individual who earns money online use PayPal as a payment solution, so I did chose it.

Alright! So how do i start with this? Pinoy bloggers are using the local bank debit card of Unionbank’s EON card. I got my Unionbank EON card, sometime in 2007 and I was very grateful to those bloggers who shared their experiences on getting this internet payment system done. I learned from their mistakes that it became so easy for me not to commit the same and now, it’s time for me to share my slice of cake. So, here are the steps and important tips to avoid the hassle.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

  • APPLY. First, you need to find the nearest branch of UnionBank in your area. Don’t forget to prepare 500 pesos for the application fee, only 350 pesos  will be asked for the card, but you will need a little more cash for the transaction fees during verification so an extra won’t hurt your pockets. Wait for 7 days or more for the processing of your card.
  • SIGN UP. It’s time to sign up for your UnionBank EON card and a PayPal account.  Be sure to enter real credentials, the ones written on your valid ID for easy verification later on and a valid email address  is a must of course.
  • VERIFY. Connect your UnionBank EON card and PayPal account. Log in to your PayPal account and find the verify link. You will be asked to put your 4 digit EXPUSE  number that can be found on your transaction details. To get that, all you have to do is log in to your EON account and click your statement details. The PayPal 9-digit bank code for UnionBank of the Philippines is 010419995, to complete your bank withdrawal. There’s a small amount charge of  ($1.95) for PayPal transaction fees.  And you’re done!

You can now start using your PayPal account and tell your friends about it. I can say using a debit card for online transaction is safer than using a credit card, to avoid overspending or other credit card issues. Adding funds to your PayPal is easy as depositing in your EON account as they’re now connected, withdrawal can be done over the counter or to any ATM that accepts Visa card. The annual fee of 350 pesos will be automatically debited to your card so no worries. If you have any problem figuring this out just contact me or comment and I would be happy to help you.


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