An “All In” Experience of Poker

Poker Chips

How I started out with poker, you might ask. I was 17-18 that time, and I started without any idea on how it’s done online. It was that rang my bell. That time, they were giving out capitals for starters without having to make bank deposits. I was lucky, both with the way I play and the friends that gas me up with online chips.

I got tired of the routine for it, but I never lost my heart to playing poker. On times that I don’t play online poker, I go out with friends. And with the lifestyle I had, I met people having the same interest as mine and they were responsible to making me get exclusive invites around the locale.

Poker became a way of life and I just love the competition it feeds me. It satisfied my appetite for competition. Gambling will always be gambling, and with every win you crave for more, and with every loss did you desire more to get back what you’ve lost where you may succeed, worse loose more. I soon found out that it has somewhat became an addiction, I just found out a substitute to rub off my competitive itch, I guess. I have an obsessive personality, and when I find something that tickles my interest, I swing my fullest. I got so obsessed that sometimes, even inside the campus we’d start a game. Had our arses kicked many times, and it just gave us a good overall feel for it.

Back then, I never worry about my finances. My folks give me an allotment for a week, and I have nothing to spend them on so I gamble with it. For every play, I give myself a point of when to quit already, a limit where you classify yourself as all beaten up, and to me that would be a 2 week allowance short. On the winnings, on the other hand, you can’t just quit after winning a pot. For me I tell everyone on the table that I’d have to go to another place after an hour and just have to avoid losing the money I’ve won.

Now, having to pay for everything I need, have I felt the need to cutting down on things I won’t need like gambling. Oh well, a little extra won’t stop me from feeling invincible once again. Good thing they have online poker where I can play without having to dispense my future’s budget. Online poker as it implies is a fixture of poker that gets a hold of most people addicted to the pleasure of having to contend for a certain amount of money, giving them an immense feeling every time they outwit, out gamble and outplay everyone else on the table. It’s a feeling that I get once again upon getting across

The graphics at gives the players a 3-d view of the table. The entire poker experience is captured in a smooth and intuitive game play that perfectly portrays the world of live poker. Everything in a game is perfectly placed so even a novice can pick it up by first sight. In addition to the graphics, there are cool player avatars and changeable table tops. Part of a poker player’s routine is listening to the right music when playing. I think that music can really change your mood and game play, so it is very important for the players to have the right type of music playing all the time. It incorporated iTunes into their site, to offer a variety of music choice and make them easier to find. No unusual hardware to play the game is required; a mouse would do with a working left click button. Left click would be the default and only key to play the game. I doubt it if the controls are customizable.

The competition was getting more thrilling.  My drive was kicking more powerful.  The graphics was becoming more real.

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