Nikon D3100 Released In Color, Yes In Color RED

Red D3100

Nikon Corporation just announced a new version of Nikon D3100 in red, yes the color is red as you can see here even the neck strap is red. Maybe your fine with the traditional black but I guess they’re targeting new users, the ladies must be happy with this news. The specs are the same, the only difference is the color that appeal to the color red lovers. Wait! lower that expectation if you’re from Asia, this product is only available in Europe right now for 599 EUR.

Red D3100

A call to action by Nikon with the trends where DSLR is now appealing to the young consumer girls, I’ve known it first from Pentax that they have different DSLR body color ranging from yellow to red. Then I saw one our student, she’s a girl, having a red Canon body. I also noticed that the models are mostly entry level camera, I hope Nikon won’t do it on the midrange or PRO camera line up.

Red D3100 Neck Strap

I still prefer the classic neck strap, the yellow over black strap, though there are some third party neck strap I hope Nikon would just leave it to them to design for different market segment. I’m not a big fan of red really, orange is more appealing to me but those colors is not easy for the eyes to look at. This product is intended for young people to encourage them a happy photography experience. With my age right now, I still prefer the classic black. How about you, what can you say, just leave it in the comments.

Meet-up with Mozilla’s William Quiviger in UP–Ayala Land TechnoHub

One of the many other exciting events of the year, is meeting up with William Quiviger, part of the Mozilla’s Contributor Engagement Team. He is one of the proponent of Mozilla Reps codename REMO. In collaboration with Ayala Foundation that hosted the venue around UP Ayala TechnoHub. Kape + Teknolohiya, a very relaxed and casual venue where students are given the chance to discuss their research outputs and startup pitch their products. It was also a place for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who share a common market insight, and where policy makers explain government thrusts.

It was just in time after my short vacation in Bicol that I was able to attend last August 26, 2011. I arrived at the airport by 1pm so I bought some time for myself to rest, avoid the heavy traffic along the metro and be able make it to the venue by 6:30 pm. William presented the history of Firefox and other products of Mozilla corporation, part of his talk are cool websites that uses open web standards like HTML 5 and CSS3. The audience also throw away some questions and were all honestly answered by William. I got more questions running in through mind about the REMO as he try to convince the other participants to join the program.

Mozilla Philippines

After his talk, we had some coffee at Figaro UP-Ayala Technohub with other Mozillians namely Regnard Raquedan and Allan Caeg. We discussed more about REMO and how to achieve the target of new recruits by the end of the year, from 500 to 5000 Mozilla reps. According to the Mozilla Philippines blog William has Filipino roots. Notice that he lookd like an Asian in this photo. He is of Filipino origin, I think his mother is Filipina. He also he wants to learn more about the Filipinos, their language and culture in particular. We really had great laughs when he asked to demo the Filipino accent speaking English. He just came from Bohol, his on vacation too but still he was able to find some time to spare and meet with us.

  Mozilla Philippines

I started out in the Mozilla Student Reps program but with the restructuring and REMO being introduced, I find it very helpful for every Mozillian. A wiki page to start with organizing events, swagging, budgeting and exploring with a very cool web app that generates a business card based on your  wiki account. I got my business card and ready to be sent in the printing press. By the way checkout my REMO wiki user page here and I invite you to start creating your profile page. I would like to thank William for the photos used in this blog post.

House Cleaning After A Malware Infection In TimThumb {thumb.php}

I’m doing a major house cleaning right now on this blog, after the accidental deletion of MySQL databases in the server when my purpose is to organize the databases then some bad things happen. It’s time to change my wordpress theme after a security flaw was found in Timthumb.php infecting 3 blogs under the same server. The malware does annoying thing that redirects to a Russian website, more of this in the woothemes blog.

Mesh Case for Samsung Punch GT-C3222 from Digibabe

Samsung Punch Mesh Case

When buying a phone I also add some accessories that can protect it from scratches or shock. I only got a screen protector for the LCD of my Samsung Punch GT-C3222 since its a new release by that time there’s no mesh case. Then after some months there’s a gel case but I just don’t like the fit and feel of it.

I saw some guys having a mesh case and got my attention for its feel and color, it also perfectly fit the phone. The reason for having this is to hide the scratches at the back as you can see here in the photo and make it look new. The front of the phone is really horrible to look at with a damage near the LCD, there nothing I can do about that falling to the ground and hitting a stone.

Samsung Punch Mesh Case

It saved my phone from disintegrating (again) the battery and the back cover shatters when I accidentally drops it. I just noticed the difficulty in typing as the mesh case added some thickness in the Samsung Punch GT-C3222 which is a qwerty keyboard. One thing to keep in mind is to take it off once in a while for cleaning as it really catches a lot of dust and other dirt you can imagine in  your pocket.

Samsung Punch Mesh CaseSamsung Punch Mesh Case

I got this from Digibabe, a specialty store for gadget accessories like iPod and mobile phones carry this at SM Calamba or maybe its available at other SM branches.


Recover Accidental Deletion of WordPress MySQl Database in Bluehost

My web host just emailed me for the second time about their terms of service (TOS) for having too much or unused mySQL tables affecting the server performance. I then acted for compliance of the TOS by deleting some tables, but which table? when I use simplescripts it automatically install the databases.

The search started by going to phpMyAdmin and checked what is the domain for each database, simplescripts default name for the database is like this _wrd1(5). By clicking the database and look for the wp_options, you can find the domain name in the option_value also my way of counter checking it. I then click MySQL Databases to delete the databases one at a time. I got some old website that has free domains which is now banned by Google for spamming the internet, I decided to drop those sites even I’m not spamming.

A got a phone ring from Joell asking me where is the database of his blog, the things I’ve been cautious about is not to delete working databases. The site is down so I checked for the said database and it’s really not there, accidentally deleted. Though he has a back up, I tried restoring it using the tools in the control panel. Luckily there’s a new service Site Backup & Restore Pro for $12.95 per year, in just a matter of 2 minutes the database is restored. He also made some tweaking in the wp-config and the his blog is back again to normal.

Even though he has a backup of the database, it make me feel more secure by activating the Site Backup & Restore Pro for unwanted or accidental deletion in the future. Files and MySQL databases is automatically back up leaving me no worries for my clients. I’ll be more careful next time.