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Subject: I LOVE YOU

With such intriguing tag line, I’m hoping to see a very interesting movie. Does the “I love you” virus ring a bell to you? It originated from the Philippines and the movie was inspired from the events that occurred almost 11 years ago, starred by a Filipino, Jericho Rosales. I can’t recall to mind the […]

Sekend: Film Project Last Day Of Shooting

The production crew is in the mood to finish the project for the last day of shooting. A sunny day that burns our skin and still trying to stand the heat for the whole day. Production schedule has changes that we extended till midnight and the following day. A tiring but challenging day in the production that I’ll share for now the photos. The crew needs some rest right now I guess, so more of this on the next post.

Should We Fear The Black Mamba?

Basketball fans another movie for you, Isn’t it such luck that after Los Angeles Lakers’ forward, Lamar Odom and wife, Khloe Kardashian had a reality television show coming comes shooting guard, Kobe Bryant’s movie. Lakers’ very own, Kobe Bryant will star in the latest Nike-produced movie, Black Mamba. Now, tell me that it is still […]

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